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This list is of some common slang terms used in Pussers (RAN).  Some of these terms are also used by other navies (RN, NZN etc).



The AndrewRoyal Navy - a term rarely used in the RAN
Arpie (RP)Pussers radar plotter
Bang-boxThe gun turret (on big ships)
BangTo have sex, (usually with a woman who is too drunk to confirm it)
Bangers & mash Sausages & mashed potato
BanyanAn often impromptu beach party on a random beach or island with a BBQ and perhaps a can or two
Beagle, Butler Steward, Captains steward
BelayTo cease doing something
Birdie Fleet Air Arm sailor(s)
BiteTo fool somebody into doing or believing something stupid
Blue Orchid Air force (RAAF) person - male or female
BonedomeHead - usually bald
Bones Generally the Sick Bay Tiffy - sometimes the Doctor
Bones Mah-jongg tiles
BR A book of Reference or ANY book
Brew A cup of tea or coffee
Buggie Dirty or unclean person or area - eg "Scran Bag" or "Buggie area"
Bumnuts Boiled eggs or just eggs
Burgoo Porridge (rolled oats)
Bunting tosserSignaller, any rank
BuzzA rumour, sometimes true though usually not
CDF Common Dog F--k (Common sense)
ChippyThe ships carpenter, also a Naval Shipwright
Chop-chopMove yer arse, go quickly
CivviesCivilian clothes or Civilian people
Club swingerPTI (Physical training instructor)
Corned dogCorned beef
CrashGo to sleep
Crusher Naval patrolman
Derps Underwear - see also U-derps
DhobyTo have a wash/shower or to wash your clothes (Indian language)
Dhoby dustWashing powder
Dib dabA seaman branch sailor - see also dibbie
Dibbie Dib-dab - a seaman branch sailor
Dig outTo make an all out effort
Dip out To miss out on something: To dip out
Dit A book or a good story to read
Dockyard job A big job or a major operation
Dog watchTwo 2 hour watches to equalise the roster, also a derogatory term for a short length of service
DooferA bit that goes on something, eg 'Pass the doofer' while pointing at the object, nut, washer, etc
DuffRefers to sticky pudding or any sweet
Duffed Pregnant
Fang Tooth or to eat - see also "Yaffle"
Fang Bosun Dentist
Fang farrierDentist
Fart sack Bed, bunk or hammock
Fighting IronsKnife, fork and spoon
Flag waverSignaller, any rank
Flakers Tired out
FlatOpen space between mess decks on board ship, ie canteen flat
Float test The final test for equipment which is unserviceable
FlunkyOfficers steward (probably the most hated job)
Food f--ker Navy cook see also Tucker f--ker
Foo FooPussers foot powder or Baby powder
Four by FourPussers toilet paper
Fruit saladMultiple medal ribbons worn together
Gash handOne who is left over after the working party has been detailed off
GenThe truth (genuine)
GettasThongs - usually illegal to wear onboard ship
Gippers Electrical current (ouch) or sauce or gravy
Goddam An American or Yank
Goffers Cold fizzy drinks, A big wave
Gong Term for medals or decorations
Goofers Spectators looking at something
GreenNaive, gullible, not very knowledgeable
Green rubRotten job/duty etc
Greenie Pussers electrical branch member
Greenie A large wave breaking over the ship
Grey funnel lineShips of the Royal Australian Navy
GripA smallish bag with two carrying handles
Hammock stower Large overweight female
Harpie Girlfriend, a bit on the side, the Missus - multiple meanings
Have a wet To have a drink
HeadsToilets, from the old sailing ships where the toilets were directly beneath the figure head
Herrings in . . .Kippers or Herrings in tomato sauce ( pronounced " herrins in" )
Hong Kong BR A small Porno book purchased in Honkers
HonkersHong Kong
Hooker or HookLeading Sailor (Kellick)
Housewife Personal sewing kit
JarHeadA Marine - usually a US Marine
Jaw Bosun / Jawman See Nutman
JimmyFirst Lieutenant, XO or Number 1
Jimmy Rick "One-character" tile in Mah Jong
Jockstrap Sporty type / person
Jong Term for the Chinese game of Mah Jong
Jonty or Jaunty Master at Arms
Kip Short sleep or nap
Kit musterA personal kit inspection, also describes being sick
Lid Junior or Senior Sailor's cap
Load Sexually Transmitted Disease
LoafingHanging around aimlessly, Dawdling along
Maccas (then) Lollies
Maccas (today) MacChuckburgers
Macca Muncher Somebody who likes lollies or sweets
Make and mendEarly finish afternoons - usually for some special occasion Also called a "makers"
Make & mend sticksGolf clubs
Mickey MouseRefers to any Kellick or PO without a good conduct badge (under 4 years)
MOBI Naval Apprentice ( Most Objectionable Bastards Imaginable )
Monkey Spunk Vegemite
MUPPETNaval Apprentice ( Most Useless Pricks Pussers Ever Trained )
Mystery Bag Meat pie or a sausage
Noisy Blue Blue-handled ratchet screwdriver
Nosh To eat, food, mainly a term used by the RN
NutmanA "horses hoof" so to speak
OggieCornish pastie see also "Tiddly Oggie"
OgginThe sea or any stretch of water
Oppo,Stepping OppoFriend, Buddy, Running mate
OutsideLife after leaving the Navy
Pavement pizzaVomit
Pen-pusher Writer
Pig / Grunter Naval Officer
Pig sty Officers Mess
Pill pusherThe ships' Doctor
PingedTo be spotted from a great distance, to be picked for a particularly dirty job
PipeUsed on ships in place of the bugle, also the tannoy system on board ship
Piss paddling Barefoot - i.e. no thongs or sandals
Piss strainers Sauteed kidney (with bacon for breakfast)
PitBed, bunk or hammock
Plastic eggs Pussers fried eggs (usually overdone)
PongoAnyone from the Army, Where the army goes the "pong" goes
Pope John steak Battered fish (every Friday for lunch)
Pork Sword Part of male anatomy, also known as Beef Bayonet, Luncheon Truncheon and Pink Oboe
Pussers The Royal Australian Navy
Pussers hardPussers soap
RabbitsPresents or souvenirs, unofficial jobs carried out by Vehicle Mechanics on civvie cars
Rack Bunk, bed or hammock
Rawbone Recruit
ReddersTomato sauce
Red dick The Greenies favourite red-handled 10" screwdriver
Red dicks Frankfurters
RN DhobyUsing foo-foo instead of having a shower
RN Sauce / RNersWorcestershire sauce
RN Steak Liver or lambs fry
Rockers The Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel (Rock 'n Roll Hotel) - now quite upmarket
RoughersStormy weather
Run Ashore To go out for a few 'quiet' drinks, a night out
Sack Fart sack, bunk, bed or hammock
Sad onTo be unhappy or pissed off
Scrambled Egg Gold braid on caps of CMDR and above
ScranFood or a meal
Scran bag A scruffy individual who looks like his clothes have never been ironed
Scran bagAlso a collection point for loose bits of kit on a ship - a small fine is paid before retrieval
ScadsLots or a long time - see also Yonks
Screws Ships propellors
Scrub 'round itTo veto something or to forget it
Sea daddyAn experienced Sailor who looks after a younger recruit to show him the ropes
SecureTo finish for the day or after a watch
Shiny arseA clerk or writer
Shirt lifterA person on "the other side" - see nutman
ShitersDrunk (pronounced "shy-ters")
Sin bosunPadre
Singers Singapore
SippersA sip of a drink
Skimmer Surface Sailor (Submariners terminology)
SlopsNaval clothing stores or clothing purchased from stores
Snags Sausages
SquarieYour regular (serious) girlfriend
StandeasyA break taken during the morning and the afternoon
StarvoNaval victualler
Steamie / StokerPussers engineering branch person
Storm stickUmbrella
Suckhole To crawl to another
SwattiesArmy personnel - see also pongo
Technicolor yawn Vomit
Three badgerA Sailor with 3 good conduct stripes, (12 years undetected crime)
Tiddly gear Non standard clothes usually purchased at Sinbad's, Red Anchor or Glendennings
Tiddly OggieCornish pastie see also "Oggie"
Train smashTinned tomato with bacon, onion & cheese (Tomato au Gratin)
Tucker f--kerNavy cook
UckersA game loosely based on ludo, probably caused more fights than almost anything else
U-derps or DerpsUnderwear
Up the duffPregnant
Wanchai burberryColourful Asian cane umbrella
Ward roomOfficers mess on board ship as well as in a shore establishment
Worms in redleadSpaghetti in tomato sauce
Wooly pullyThe thick issue jumper
YaffleTo eat
Yaffling ironsKnife, fork and spoon
Yellow perilSmoked Haddock
Yippee beansBaked beans - also known in some circles as blurters (beanz meanz fartz)
YompTo force march with a heavy load
YonksA long time
Zap To shoot something, or an electric shock
ZedsTo get some sleep
Zulu Greenwich meantime

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