October 2017 . . . .

SA  -   Meet 'n Greet - Port Adelaide Naval Association

Certainly not one of our busier Meet & Greets! The start of the bowling season and the end of Grey Nomad touring season took their toll with one or two family functions thrown in as well. We had 22 attendees and the same number of apologies. On the positive side we were able to welcome our latest import Greenie Peter (Beetles) Bailey to his first SA Greenies M & G. Peter has returned home from Western Australia and has taken up residence in Port Augusta. This meant he had a 600km round trip to attend and this makes him our most travelled Greenie, beating our other traveller (Trev McKerlie – 500km). Clearly travel doesn’t stop the SA Greenies!

A couple of the boys aren’t enjoying the best of health, but they still managed to make the Meet & Greet. Get well soon.....Rock Hudson, Les Radford and Geoff Salkeld

The new galley at the Port Adelaide Naval Association has only just been opened and was put through it’s paces on Saturday.

Those in attendance: Those in attendance were...Peter Bailey, Dave Betts, John Bolton, Gene Boron, Roy Collins, Kim Daw, Garry Hale, Rock Hudson, Ray Kemp, Gary Lang, Mark Loram, Mal Magor, Trev McKerlie, Michael Parker, John Phillips, Dave Potterat, Les Radford, Geoff Salkeld, Bill Swan, Neil Walton, Graham Watson and Mike Witcher.

Apologies received: Apologies were received from...Barry Allison, Gary Blake, John Bushell, Mick Cain, Jock Colligan, Maurie Davey, Les Figg, Mike Fisher, Alan Fletcher, Jeff Howlett, Rob Kearvell, Bob King, Chris McConville, Terry Norman, Val Osis, Mal Parrington, Bob Pine, Chris Rowe, Ian Short, Rod Spotswood, Alan Tassel and Jack Van Eyck.


  John Bolton

NSW  -   Meet 'n Greet - Granville RSL club

Numbers were down tho’ we were blessed with blow-ins from Adelaide and an expat from the US of A to boost our numbers - namely Mike Fisher and ex pat Prof Caudwell respectively, who we welcomed with open arms.
Unfortunately both turned up on my birthday thus had to shout me a couple of beers for their sins.. Great to see a good mates of mine !
A unanimous decision was made to change the venue for next year. The Merrylands RSL will be the new watering hole as it is a much more friendly / orientated place for ex service people with better facilities. The railway station even closer than the current one. Thanks Buck for doing the reco’ and speaking to the management who offered all the facilities we need .....

Those in attendance: L/R : Graeme Archer; Robert ( Proff ) Caudwell; Merv Daetz, John McMillian ( in the JB squat position ) ; Mike Fisher; McGurky; Mike Mason; Mike Kay; Allan ( Buck ) Ryan ; Bob Allen.

Apologies received: Brad Parker, Andy Jerzynza; Brian Baldwin; Mike Kielty; Phil Croese; Bob Sell; Ted Schloithe.


  Peter McGurk

WA  -   Meet 'n Greet - Fremantle Navy Club

The usual suspects attended the final Meet & Greet for 2017 at the Navy Club in Fremantle.

Those in attendance: Clive Plummer, Ron Jackson, Peter Lennon, Les Giles, Gary Paterson, Mel Smales, Clark Pride and Denis Coombe.

Apologies received: Kevin Gleeson, Bob Stevenson, Gary Winton (heart surgery), Paul Lucken, Peter Dales, Wally McNamee, Greg Nowakowski, Barry Middleton, Colin Benporath, Trevor Davies, Barry MacCormack, Tony Howell and Tom van der Togt.


  Denis Coombe

June 2017 . . . .

SA  -   Meet 'n Greet - Port Adelaide Naval Association

A good turn-up at yesterday’s Meet & Greet at the Port Adelaide Naval Association club rooms. All the usual suspects were there telling the same old lies again. Great camaraderie and the PANA chefs did well for lunch - pie and peas and gravy with a cheese platter for $8 – given that the kitchen was out of action as it is in the process of being remodelled.
One of our own – CPOETS (SM) Ray Kemp – has been elected President of the PANA. Not sure if it’s congratulations or commiserations!
Also it was nice to see an old face – and I don’t mean that it the ageist sense – that we hadn’t seen for awhile. CEWE Bert Newell has overcome some health issues and was able to join us.
The final roll call was 30.

Those in attendance: Dave Betts, Wally Birch, John Bolton, Gene Boron, Roy Collins, Les Figg, Alan Fletcher, Rock Hudson, Rob Kearvell, Ray Kemp, Bob King, Gary Lang, Mark Loram, Mal Magor, Chris McConville, Trev McKerlie, Bert Newell, Terry Norman, John Phillips, Bob Pine, Dave Potterat, Les Radford, Geoff Salkeld, Ian Short, Rod Spotswood, Billy Swan, Alan Tassel, Neil Walton, Doc Watson and Mike Witcher.  

Apologies received: Peter Bailey, Ron Beaumont, Gary Blake, John Bushell, Mick Cain, Jock Colligan, Maurie Davey, Gary Gosden, Doug Haskings, Jeff Howlett, Val Osis, Michael Parker, Mal Parrington, Blue Reidy, Chris Rowe, Jack Van Eyck, Paul Waterworth, and Maurie Woods. Various reason – overseas travel, interstate travel and health. Blue Reidy and Shorty Waterworth were in Sydney  to attend the Memorial Service for Pete McNair which was held at Garden Island today (Sunday). Well done Blue and Shorty.  



NSW  -   Meet 'n Greet - Granville RSL club

About the average number of punters turned up for an enjoyable \'smoky\'  !!

We had the honour of a new member ( to join officially as yet ) , viz Oscar Johansson  - an ex-POEP  - R54xxx  - joined October \'58. Welcome aboard Oscar  !!

( As a side line regular member Aussie Osborne was his best man many decades ago so they much to catch up on )

Thank you all for attending !
Next Meeting is October 21st   ( McGurk\'s 60th birthday so bring presents  !!! )

Those in attendance:

Apologies received: Bob Sell; Bill Shaw; Pete Williams; Stu\' Harding\'; Bruce Richens.


Back Row: Oscar Johansson; Ted Schloithe; Bruce Bowmaker; Bob Allen

Second Row: Allan ( Buck ) Ryan ; Mat Holzl ; Pete McGurk; Alan McLeod; Kerry Spencer

Front Row: Bob Osborne ; Mike Kay ; Mike Kielty ( seated ) ; Brad Parker ( leaning )


Gold Coast  -   Meet 'n Greet - Nerang RSL Club

The Brisbane M&G group and the Gold Coast group combined for a very enjoyable get together.

A Good time enjoyed by all went till about 1500.

Lots of ladies as well - this is the Gold Coast after all. 

Those in attendance: Barry Fidock, Johan Veltmeyer, Eric Ceslis, Max Crowther, Col Saxby, Adrian (Peter) Sellers, Bob Waters, Ray Lastelle, Shorty Edwards, Casey Jones, Chris Mclay, Ken Vandermolden, and Steve Brown.

Apologies received: Bruce Rogers, Mal Chatfield and Tony Gearing.



WA  -   Meet 'n Greet - Fremantle Navy Club

Dear Fellow Greenies,
Not a great rollout for the middle Meet & Greet of 2017 - perhaps it was the sunny weather that kept the majority outdoors. However a group of stalwarts gathered at the Fremantle Navy Club and enjoyed a couple of cold beers and group camaraderie.

Those in attendance: Clive Plummer, Clark Pride, Peter Lennon, Denis Coombe, Gary Paterson, Peter Dales.

Apologies received: Kev Gleeson, Greg & Chris Martin, Greg Nowakowski, Barry Middleton, Tony Howell, Bob Stephenson, Barry MacCormack, Ray Smith, Colin Benporath, Greg Nowakowski, Gary Winton, Wally McNamee, Stewie Dewar, Tom van der Togt, Les Giles, Mel Smales, Steve Mulvaney.  


Left to Right: Clark Pride, Gary Paterson, Peter Lennon, Clive Plummer, Peter Dales.

  Denis Coombe

VIC  -   Meet 'n Greet - Stella Maris Seafarer\'s Centre, Little Collins Street

The gathering consisted of 12 Members and Pam IRVING-DUSTING (USN)
Thanks Bob FARR and Ray DRAKE for preparing the finger food and Bob for his voice in getting everyone’s attention.

Apologies received: Darryl AH GEE, Thomas ALBRECHT, David ARNOLD, David BALL, Graham BERMINGHAM, Allan DOUGLAS, Peter ELTON, Doug FORD, Gavin GUSLING, Chris HAKKENNES, Robert HAMMOND, Phillip KOSSATZ, Geoffrey LOWE, Michael LYNCH, Rodney MARCHANT, Paul PAYNE, Brenton PULLEINE, Peter REPSCHLAGER, Wayne RICHARDS, Bernd ROTTINGER, Barry SHRIMPTON, Adrian SMITH, Herbert SUNDERLAND, Geoffrey THRELFALL, Steve WESTHEAD, Darryl WILLIAMS.




  Jim Roadknight - LSETS 1980-1987